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About Us

Featuring top quality walk in tubs at affordable prices. Regain your independence and bathe safely.

If you’ve been looking at options for your elderly or handicapped family member, provides a great solution. We’ve hand selected walk-in bathtubs with various options and sizes so the user can fully enjoy their bathing experience. There is a wide selection of sizes and options for walk-in bathtubs and they are the lowest prices you can find for quality bath craftsmanship. With, you can enjoy the quality and relaxation of a jetted spa with the safety and accessibility you need.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are obvious but accessing a hot tub was an issue. Until recently, the thought of an in-home hot tub or hydrotherapy system was for the elite due to safety, affordability and accessibility issues. Now instead of crawling into a tub you can simply open the watertight door, step in and wait for the water to flow in around you as you sit in relaxed comfort. The warm and bubbly water provides numerous therapeutic benefits without the cramped environment of an inferior tub.

A walk-in tub can be easily installed without disrupting your home at an affordable price. Call us or fill out our simple online contact form today and learn more our line of walk in bathtubs. We hope to help you enhance your independent lifestyle!

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Hot Water Hydrotherapy

  • Boosts beneficial hormone production
  • Increases circulation
  • Opens up small blood vessels close to the tissues
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Speeds tissue healing by oxygenating and removing harmful toxins
  • Strengthens the immune system

Cold Water Hydrotherapy

  • Helps heal sprains
  • Opens constricted blood vessels
  • Reduces swelling